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Voice Logging Solutions

Digicom Logger  is an advanced Voice Logging and Recording Solution. Digicom is capable of recording a wide range of telephonic systems and protocols. Digicom  records Analog, Digital and VoIP phone systems. It also records 2-Way Radio, PA systems and even Fax.

Digicom  is used in Hospitality , IT –Software & Consultancy , Security,  Investment & Banking Sector, Call Center and Transportation industries. Digicom variants  are customized to suite each of these industries respectively. Digicom is a leading brand and has an installation base in 100 locations in India
IVR Applications
Mantra Microtel provides award winning call center phone systems which feature Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software for processing inbound calls. This IVR system (IVRS) includes a modern Windows PC with Dialogic computer telephony cards. When combined with our extensive IVR software, these phone systems can perform both inbound call distribution as well as outbound calling campaigns - concurrently.

The Basic  IVR system is our entry level call center phone system that supports analog phone lines. If your calling center requires more lines, our Advanced  IVR system can be used in environments where digital phone line support is necessary
RFID Solutions

RFID technology raises asset tracking to new level. End users enjoy faster, seamless transactions that are more secure than currently used systems. These systems require the personal involvement of some individual such as a librarian, ticket agent or health-care professional. Libraries, pharmacies, entertainment venues who adopt RFID can benefit from secure wireless transfer transactions that deliver high return on investment.

Enterprise & BPO Headsets


Ideal for call centers where you need to talk on the phone and keep one ear on what’s happening around you, our single-sided headsets deliver great sound to one ear, just like a traditional phone, while our double-sided headsets deliver your calls in quality sound, helping you to truly concentrate on your caller – but with your hands free. With a range of wearing styles and ear pads, you’ll easily find a headset that youcan comfortably wear all day.